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VTRON has years of expertise in providing control room and video wall solutions and services based on:

1 One-stop shop experience. VTRON’s integrated visualisation solutions including video wall display cubes, narrow bezel LCD panels and indoor LED displays, video wall processors, Visualisation Interactive System (VIS) and software. Our customers can have the greatest flexibility to update their product portfolios.
2 Rich project references with customer testimonials. We are trusted by customers from a wide variety of industries with more than 10,000 projects installed worldwide.
3 Strong R&D. VTRON has long history of innovation that we launched the world’s first interactive video wall in 2008; and the first LED DLPTM rear projection cube in 2010. VTRON continues to focus on innovation in a sustainable manner by allocating around 10% of revenue to research and development. Today, VTRON’s R&D team has grown to 450 people, around 35% of total staff. Among our 900 patented technologies, 2/3 of them are inventions.
4 V8 visusliation benefits. V8 is VTRON’s eight core features of our comprehensive video wall solutions that lift the standard of visualisation in control rooms worldwide. V8 offers Total Video Wall and Collaboration Solutions, Wide Range of Options, Reliability, AutoCBM, Eco-Friendly, Real-time, Flexibility, Powerful Processing.
5 Propose appropriate solutions. VTRON has Pre-sales Team to propose video wall solutions based on customers’ needs and budgets. Also, we service delivery is based on the confidentiality and industry best practice to protect our customers’ rights.
6 Prompt technical support. VTRON’s Technical Support Centre strategically located in Hong Kong aims to provide prompt and excellent technical support to overseas customers. Also, VTRON has long-term partnerships with well-trained dealers in different countries, which ensures efficient and superior local services for end users.
7 High production capacity. VTRON is capable to manufacture up to 50,000 rear projection cubes a year to meet customer delivery schedule by doubling up the production plant and facilities in 2013.
8 Largest video wall demo room. VTRON has the world’s largest demonstration room in Guangzhou headquarters. The aim is to showcase all VTRON’s latest solutions including VIS, 4x10 rear-projection video wall cubes, 2 sets of 4x5 LCD panels and turn the demonstration to a real-life situation.
9 Numerous certificates. We have attained numerous certificates and awards from our partners, recognized organizations to ensure our visualisation solutions can meet different countries’ requirements.
10 Corporate responsibility. We convey the message of sustainability. We encourage strategic partners to continuously improve environmental protection, especially when disposal of end-of-life equipments, parts and batteries.

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