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VTRON launches 16:9 ChipOnBoardplus LED display Products


Time:2018年10月11日 From:管理员

Hong Kong, 10th September 2018- VTRON, a pioneer in creating and delivering one of the world's COB LED display walls for indoor application, launches the new generation of COB LED cabinet with 16:9 aspect ratio ChipOnBoardPlus (COBPlus). In 2016, the first generation launched by VTRON shook the market and raised the level of competition to produce fine pitch LED displays. VTRON achieved 100+% growth in COB LED product sales turnover after the launch, riding on the overwhelming response to VTRON’s COB LED Products. COB display technology has been widely recognized by the market, attracting many competitors to follow in our footsteps in 2018. We can proudly say that COB LED Technology is becoming the mainstream.

Unique advantages of COB LED

VTRON’s COBPlus LED has the advantage of the 1st generation COB LED which includes better surface protection of the LED light, easy maintenance, super low fault rate of 0.005%, easy dust control, heavy-duty 7x24 hours operations and water-resistance. It is built with the latest patented surface material which enhances the durability, has no dust contamination, is fingerprint-resistant, and offers an improved visual experience.

Patented Dark Carbon Matte Surface

VTRON created a unique COB LED module with patented proprietary coating material, this unique dark matte coating offers softer images, reduces light radiation, moiré and glare, yet displays fine image details in unprecedented clarity with highly smooth finishes and a surface that has excellent strength. Delivering an excellent viewing experience with seamless screen quality are necessities in large venues such as control rooms, TV studio backdrops, corporate conference rooms, auditoriums, houses of worship, etc.

Ultra-Low Blue Light Display with TUV certified  

Studies show that blue light from the sunlight, computer monitors and fluorescent lamps may be very harmful to the eyes causing macular degeneration and digital eye strain. As a specialist in indoor display systems, VTRON makes the health of users our priority. VTRON designs this COBPlus products with low blue light which increases prolonged viewing comfort. VTRON is the first and the only provider of TUV certified ultra- low blue light flicker-free COB LED Display technologies, helping users to avoid possible side effects while keeping their eyes healthy so as to increase productivity.


Built with signal processing and windowing for image resizing and scaling.

VTRON pioneered this latest generation of COB LED with the signal processing functions. These are standard features on VTRON LED displays. In the past, many LED Wall customer are just having large images sowing over the whole LED display for advertising and signage purposes. With wider application of LED displays especially for indoor use, in conference rooms, control rooms, command centers, and even the backdrop solution for TV stations, customers required video processing functions for image resizing, rescaling with scrolling banner, individual windows naming, built-in clock, weather information, etc. All these features come standard in VTRON’s LED displays, which bring much added-value to our customers.


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