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An intuitive visualization dispatching and collaboration platform

Modern mission-critical control rooms are involved with many important tasks such as decision-making, command and control that require spontaneous response with accuracy and efficiency. And such tasks always need operation teams at various sites working closely together by means of information sharing and interaction. Traditional control method usually lacks collaboration and is always complex to manage multi-display systems, multi-devices, multi-applications and multi-operators. Hence, VTRON VIS3.0 is the right intuitive tool sits on a common platform that facilitates the complexity of collaboration.


VIS3.0 is a network-based platform for the distribution, interaction, management, and operations of visualised information, by enabling video, audio, data, and other types of information to be visualised and collaborated on and among display walls, PCs, tablets, and other devices. For complex control room systems, VIS3.0 helps users simplify operations and improve efficiency by providing methods and tools to streamline the control of multiple devices. 

VIS3.0 applications

Today, VIS3.0 has been deployed in modern control rooms for dispatching, command and control of all the visualised information in military,weather station, environmental protection, power distribution, oil and gas production and financial data management.

VIS Basic and VIS3.0 

VTRON offers two versions of VIS: VIS Basic and VIS3.0

VIS3.0 customer values

• Integrated management & control of signal sources.

• Visualised dispatching & control 

• Scenario and steps management

 High efficient multi-level collaboration, cooperation and decision making

User-friendliness GUI

• What you see is what you get (WYSWYG). Signal preview function saves users a lot of time on searching for a particular source. At the same time, whole wall live view function reflects the actual signal images of various display walls on the GUI, so that users do not have to physically attend to the sites. Any users including top management can select, resize and move certain sources with a mobile device at their fingertips without a formal training or relying on control room operators. VIS supports gesture control, which brings user great experience.

• Mirroring of multiple walls. Images on one wall can be mirrored exactly to various display walls for fast and easy image sharing.

• Annotate freely. Users at multiple locations can annotate high definition of computer sources, desktops, videos, etc. The annotations can be pushed onto local or remote displays to speed up collaboration or approval. 

• Scenario execution. The content of applications or series of layouts can be presented on displays sequentially by a programmed scenario. User can easily complete a complex operation which required involvement of many operators before.

• Mode Preview. Position, size, quantity and name of signal windows in mode layout can be easily checked before displaying on video wall(s). In additional, the mode layout can be edited on GUI without disturbing existing image on video walls.

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